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NEW salon REGULATIONS- on-line booking is not available

Online booking is now available.  Please follow the below instructions when coming to your appointment.

1. All customers (including kids) must be wearing a mask- preferably one that has the straps that go behind the ears and not over the head. It's going to be difficult but your child must wear the mask to get their hair cut. If they continue to remove it, we may have to try again at a later time.  If you are not comfortable with your child wearing a mask, we ask that you wait until the restrictions are lifted before booking an appointment.  In order to keep our stylists safe, we will not be lax on this rule.

2. You may only accompany one child into the salon at a time - we understand that this will be difficult when you have more than 1 child that needs a haircut and we apologize but we have a limit of 10 people. So if you have multiple kids, and they can't sit out on the bench or outside by themselves, you will need to book your appointment with multiple stylists at the same time. 

3. We ask that you call us when you arrive at the salon and wait in your car or outside until we call you back to come in. 

4. DON'T BE LATE!!! Since there are so many restrictions we have to comply with we don't have the luxury of "moving people around" and we will need to reschedule your appointment.

5. Bear with us.....these restrictions make operating our salon a bit more difficult than normal.

6. We will continue to wash our hands and wipe all stations, handles, doors and checkout area down with cleaning agents that kill Coronavirus between each client. We will space all clients 6 feet away from each other. There will be no play area during this time.


About US


Our Salon

Welcome to Hip Hip Hair-ay!    Life is good and our stylists are the best in Omaha!  You won't find a friendlier or more experienced kids hair salon in Omaha!  Not only are we kid friendly, we are PARENT friendly too. We took a minimalist design approach and created a space that both kids and parents will find comfortable, fun and calming. Not altogether an easy thing to do!  

Kids haircuts in Omaha will never be the same! Come get an amazing haircut, some kid friendly and environmentally friendly hair products and go about your day!


Our Experience

I have been singing and dancing with thousands of families in Omaha for the past 15 years at Baby Maestro.   Starting another business that caters to kids and families seemed like a natural thing to do!  I can't wait to see all of my previous and current Baby Maestro families (who told me they would come), and to meet all of the new families that will hopefully find their way to Hip Hip Hair-ay!

I have hired the best kids' stylists in Omaha!  With over 86  years of combined hair cutting experience, our stylists have encountered every possible scenario.  They are here to work with you to provide an excellent hair cut, with the least amount of anxiety for your child. 

We know kids! We will do everything possible to make sure you're a customer for life!


Let the Fun Begin

Our salon has fun vehicles for the younger kids to sit in!  There are movies to watch to help keep them calm and focused!

The older kids will enjoy playing XBox and Nintendo!   All kids will leave with a small trinket and a sucker. 

Walk in appointments are always welcome.  After 3pm, appointments are encouraged, but we will try and accommodate everyone!

Contact Us

Hip Hip Hair-ay

2941 South 108th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68144, United States



Open today

10:00 am – 07:00 pm

Appointments after 3pm and on  Saturdays are encouraged! During busy times, if you are more than 5 minutes late for your haircut, we may need to move you to another stylist or there may be a delay in you service.