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Kids like the fun kid-friendly packaging & fragrances.  The easy to use styling products that kids can call their own.
Glop and Glam is naturally tear-free.
Parents love that this product is an all natural and certified organic hair collection.  There are no sulfates, alcohol or parabens.  It is safe for sensitive skin – even babies.


A leading lice prevention and treatment hair care line.  This kids hair product is dedicated to delivering the highest  quality products loaded with great ingredients at an affordable price.  Our formulas are free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, paraben  and sulfates. And with the growing concern regarding children’s  allergies, we are now dairy, gluten and nut-free too!


A hair care line which includes not only products to  eliminate head lice, but those that also prevent infestations. The non chemical treatments are extremely effective, and perfect for those who desire a one-time solution.  We do carry the Lice Elimination kit.


Looking  for natural hair products for your stylin’ kiddo? Just say Hip Peas,  please! Our products are not only completely safe for your child and the  environment, but also work wonders on your tot’s locks.


Surf’s Up Kidside keeps kids clean and soft from head to sandy little  toes. Pure, gentle, eco-friendly blends, kid-friendly packaging and  yummy Tropical Smoothie fragrances make salon visits surfside fun.


No matter how much we would love to keep  our girls little, Mother Nature has other ideas.  Girls today are  bombarded with beauty products that are loaded with ingredients that you do not want on their skin or leaching into their bodies.  Good For  You Girls is a better alternative to address girls’ personal care  needs during some of life’s most challenging years. 

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